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Novelty in glazing

Q-Air is a primarily 4-6 pane glazing with UCW < 0.40 W/m2K utilizing 3 mm internal glass panes.

World’s best-performing glass curtain wall:

  • Exceptional energy efficiency and living comfort;
  • Large transparent parts of the façade;
  • No need for any external solar shading devices;
  • The thinnest glass curtain wall with the highest thermal insulation;
  • Enlarged usable living space;
  • Flush internal and external design available;
  • Nearly zero heating building.
Q-Air comfort of living benefits unachievable with triple glazing

No view obstruction due to external sunshades.

Constant interior temperature
No cold draught at the window in winter due to exceptionally low Ug value of 0.27 W/m2K.
No excessive solar heat gain (moderate g value).

Maximised natural daylightning
Fully transparent façade.

Q-Air provides an excellent working and living environment with sound insulation levels up to 50 dB.


Exterior shading free solution
Q-Air makes dynamic solar shading superfluous.

Twin flush look
Q-Air offers a unique twin structural glazing with substructure completely concealed between the glass panes.

Large units
Up to 6 m. Fully glazed building maintains superior energy performance.

New paradigm

Using Q-Air, seasonal climate peaks for highly glazed buildings are perfectly managed.

Due to high thermal insulation level (low U value), energy loss in winter is low and modest solar heat gain (low g value) is sufficient. 

Due to low solar heat gain (low g value), no excessive solar heat gain appears, which means less air conditioning.

Q-Air is produced by Reflex d.o.o.

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