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Thermal Insulating Glass

RX Warm - Thermal Insulating Glass

urther to this each pane of glass also has to meet various other functional requisites, such as protection against cold, heat, noise, wind, rain, and even the possibility of fire as well as accidental or malicious external damage.

These requirements, which pertain to both windows and all other elements of a façade, also apply to the glass and glazing. The expectations remain the same. The major portion of all these prerequisites relate to a variety of protective functions, which can only be provided by modern insulating glass.

As a direct result of this, insulation glazing becomes an indispensable component of a façade – thus becoming the subject, which defines the functionality of a building’s exterior cladding.

Reflex insulating glass is composed of two glass elements spaced apart and hermetically sealed to form a single-glazed unit with an air space in between. The spacer determines the width of the inter-glazing cavity, which is airtight and filled with dried gas (air). This is achieved during the production process and is based on a double-sealing system. These panels meet all the requisite quality standards necessary to ensure a lifetime of at least 25 years.