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Printed Enamelled Glass

Architectural creations in glass would not be so attractive without colour. Besides having a protective function, the possibility of colouring and printing glass opens up new dimensions in creativity to the architect. Enamelled layers of special colours or silk-screen prints have made it possible to augment and enhance normal tempered safety glass with an unlimited range of colour combinations, motifs, shapes and patterns.

Because of its safety properties, enamelled glass is most suitable as a facade cladding, while the right choice of colour ensures a perfect match between the window and the surrounding glass cladding. Enamelled glass is in fact tempered safety glass to which a special paint, composed of powdered glass and pigments, has been applied by way of a silk-screen print, rollers or spraying immediately prior to the tempering process. During tempering this paint becomes permanently fused onto the surface of the glass. This colour layer is resistant to mechanical damage and ageing, a feature which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Furthermore, tempered glass is distinguished by its increased resistance to pressure, impact and temperature fluctuations.