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REFLEX‘s mission is to ensure quality assurance and quality control, which lead us to become leading and reliable partner.  Consequently, our company policy ensures sustainable development and safety for designers and end users.
Quality assurance leads us to cost savings, especially for end users, therefore we have establish extensive system for quality control, which is constantly updated, based on new technology, research and legal requirements.

Outcome of our effort consists of:

CE stands for Communauté Europeenne, French for European Conformity. This abbreviation is a marking for certain products (e.g. construction products) that comply with the harmonized European product standards.
The CE marking is neither a sign of origin nor of quality. The CE marking may only be used for products that comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). It assures that the product can be put in circulation without any restrictions throughout the EU. 
The CE marking is the declaration of the manufacturer, that the product is conform with the underlying product standards.

The new standards for glass generally have common features:
• a quality management system is called for,
• quality characteristics are stipulated and
• quality tests are specified.
Product standard
Basic soda lime silicate glass product according to EN572-9
Thermally toughened safety glass according to EN14179-2
Heat strengthened soda lime silicate glass according to EN1863-2
Insulating glass units according to EN1279-5
Heat soaked thermally toughened safety glass according to EN14179-2
Laminated glass according to EN14449