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Safety Glass

 In addition to protection against heat losses, solar radiation and noise, insulating glass can also provide high degree of passive or active safety.

The protective properties of glass panes or panels can be further enhanced through the use of tempered glass - or indeed any type of glass laminates. Such protection can encompass:
  • protection of public health and security,
  • protection of property, and
  • protection against fire.
  • Reflex experts can advise you how best the various types of panes and panels from our range of insulating glass can be utilised in order to meet all your specific safety and other needs and requirements.

We produce the following safety glass:
  • Laminated safety glass - VSG
  • Laminated tempered safety glass - ESG
  • RX SAFE safety glass is in compliance with following standards:
  • RX SAFE ESG: EN 12150-2 for tempered glass
  • RX SAFE ESG-H: EN 14179-2 for tempered glass with Heat Soak test
  • RX LAMISAFE: EN 14449 for tempered and laminated safety glass