The Slovenian architectural conference Arhikult 2021 - Reflex
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The Slovenian architectural conference Arhikult 2021

Brdo pri Kranju, 22. 10. 2021

The Slovenian architectural conference Arhikult 2021 took place in Brdo pri Kranju today. At the meeting, the invited lecturers presented their works, research and expert views. They touched on a number of current topics, such as the consolidation of foundation floors, acoustics, earthquake construction, new trends and solutions in glass facades, "jobs and COVID".
The company Reflex cooperated with the professional contribution of dr. Matjaž Žnidaršič, Development Director.
In his lecture Innovative facade systems - challenges for good solutions, he highlighted the latest glass facade solutions with an emphasis on multiple glazing, which can provide significantly greater thermal insulation in winter and enable the construction of buildings that do not require heating. He presented the possibilities of construction with glass, which, while taking advantage of solar gains, enable greater efficiency in the construction of buildings with larger glass surfaces.
With the new generation of glazing, their carbon footprint is reduced, and at the same time the comfort of living is at the highest possible level.